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에어조이 공기살균기 – 광촉매와 UV LED를 적용한 자외선살균기로 바이러스와 세균을 저감하고 초미세먼지까지 제거하는 혁신시제품입니다.

from narrow to wide space

product lineup

Air sterilization module technology can be applied to prevent spread of infectious diseases through virus and bacterial reduction in the air even in a closed environment without indoor ventilation. AirJoey consists of small to large sizes.

에어조이 AIRJOY10


It’s a small product that’s capable of sterilizing.
Excellent Air Sterilizer

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에어조이 AIRJOY20


You can use a larger space without viruses.

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AIRJOY40 에어조이


Virus in a large open space
No worries.

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It is a product that has been certified as ‘innovative product designation’ such as ‘patent registration of air sterilization technology’, ‘preferred purchase of excellent inventions’ and ‘winning the Jeollabuk-do Award for Outstanding Small and Medium Business’.

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Air Sterilizer Features

Air Purification and Viruses
Excellent for reduction

Existing air conditioning facilities and air purifiers can serve as a medium for spreading infectious diseases because they only circulate indoor air and are difficult to remove viruses and germs. Air Joy is designed to reduce airborne viruses and floating bacteria along with the functions of existing air purifiers and to take into account user convenience.

Product Color

premium design

It’s made of metal, not white plastic.
It goes well with everything.

에어조이 실버색상에어조이

Installation Case

Air sterilizer
Installation Case

Professional nursing homes and private institutions and government offices, government agencies, and so on installed or ventilation is often required in an enclosed space.Air sterilizer is a lot of space from a small space can be used to.

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SM&Tech Co., Ltd. operates a research institute and develops and produces air sterilizers in Korea based on virus reduction technology and air cleaning technology.

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