What is the filter replacement cycle?2021-05-27T14:56:15+09:00

The filter exchange cycle varies depending on the environment of use, but most of the filter exchange cycles are recommended for 6 months.

What is the area of ​​use of the product?2021-05-27T14:57:35+09:00

AIRJOY10 small usage area is 13~26㎡.
AIRJOY20 medium usage area is 49~66㎡.
AIRJOY40 large usage area is 79~132㎡

What’s the size?2021-05-27T14:57:47+09:00

AIRJOY10 small product is 450*250*80 (mm).
AIRJOY20 medium product is 700*450*150(mm).
AIRJOY40 large product is 1250*450*150(mm).

What’s the weight?2021-05-27T14:58:03+09:00

AIRJOY10 small product is 3.9kg.
AIRJOY20 medium product is 12.5kg.
AIRJOY40 large product is 21.4kg.

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